Inspired to become a key worker?

16 April 2020

Do you have a family member or friend that has inspired you to be on the frontline? Or have you watched the news and admired all of the people who are keeping the country running during this pandemic?

Here at Middlesbrough College we are extremely grateful and proud of all of the key workers across Teesside and the UK who are doing an incredible job right now. 

If you would like to follow in their footsteps and make a difference in the community, we are pleased to be able to offer a variety of courses that can train you to become a frontline key worker.

Here are five frontline jobs and the courses we offer that can help you get there:

Key worker- Nurse

If you aspire to become a nurse to help support the NHS then this occupation is perfect for you. Here at Middlesbrough College we offer a variety of Health and Care programmes that can set you up for a career in nursing. On these courses you will develop the knowledge and practical skills required to work in hospitals and other health and care settings. You will be taught by a specialised team who have worked in the sector and use their expert knowledge to support and guide you. We also have a specially equipped ward which is used for teaching and assessments in a practical setting. Plus the government has announced that from August 2020, all students studying undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in nursing, midwifery and many other allied health professions students' will qualify for an annual grant of at least £5,000! This grant is non-means tested and is non-repayable! Find out more here.


Key worker- Construction workers

If you want to help build, design, plan and project manage major developments then a career in Construction is for you. Here at Middlesbrough College we offer a huge range of Construction programmes that will train you for a career in the sector. As one of the biggest industries in the UK the range of opportunities is endless! Alongside traditional trades you will have the opportunity to go into construction specialisms such as civil engineering and professional roles such as architecture.


Key worker- Police Officer

If you want to help keep law and order running smoothly in your local community, even in times of crisis then training to become a Police Officer is the role for you. Here at Middlesbrough College we offer Public Services courses that will prepare you for a role in the public sector through adventurous activities, sports and fitness and theoretical study. Plus, the government have pledged to recruit 20,000 new Police Officers with £750 million of government funding!


Key worker- Scientist

If you want to research and discover new vaccines and medicines that can have a dramatic impact on the way we live our lives then becoming a Scientist is the role for you. Here at Middlesbrough College we offer A Levels in Chemistry, Biology and Physics, as well as an Applied Science course that will prepare you for a career in research. We also offer an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Science so if you are a mature student who aspires to progress to University, this one-year course will get you there. 


Key worker- Retail staff

If you want to support and help communities get the supplies they need then training to work in retail is the role for you. At Middlesbrough College we offer a range of courses that can help prepare you for a career in retail, including our Distance Learning Customer Service programme. You can enrol today and study for FREE with 100% online learning. That’s right! Get started in the comfort of your own home for FREE today. 

We’re still taking applications to study with us in September - apply today to make your career ambitions a reality and to make a difference!