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Why study Environmental Science with MC6?

July 11, 2023
Environmental science students

he environmental science industry has grown immensely in recent years. With climate change awareness increasing, so is the demand for qualified professionals. Middlesbrough College Sixth Form (MC6) is the only College in the Tees Valley that offers an Environmental Science A Level, and there’s many reasons as to why it’s such a beneficial course to start this September!

So, why study environmental science A level?

Environmental science is the study of the earth’s environment and how to solve the environmental issues through physics, biology and geography. Studies such as climate change, conservation, biodiversity, pollution and so on are all examples of environmental science. To anyone who may be interested in this career path, picking the subject up at A level will prepare you for a successful career in the sector.

 Even though it’s not a compulsory subject to have in order to study it at a higher level, it’s always desirable as it gives an insight to what the course involves and what you’re going to be building even more knowledge of in the future.

Even if environmental science isn’t something you’re completely sure you want to go into, it’s a relevant and interesting subject. Thousands of businesses and companies are growing their focus on becoming environmentally friendly, not only to be more efficient but to also show a responsible approach to their custom. As it progresses, environmental science is influencing various other job sectors such as business and law. Soon enough, environmental science will affect the way most jobs are handled in the future because of its huge significance in development. Therefore, no matter what path you choose, it’s always going to be a strong subject to have behind you!

What can studying environmental science lead to?

If you do choose to study environmental science at University level, there are a range of job opportunities available from all the different specialities within the subject. Whatever your strength is within science, there will be a career that is suited to your abilities. Careers can vary from engineering to ecology, and with the government expecting to have 250,000 more jobs by 2030 in environmental science and the green economy, it’s a trustworthy subject to invest yourself into.

Currently, environmental science jobs are already in high demand locally in the north and rural areas, as well as job opportunities being all over Europe. Countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and so on are also in high demand to fill their green jobs. Whether staying close to home or moving away is a part of your life plan, there will be opportunities in many different places.

Some of the most popular career options leading from environmental science are:

Environmental scientist – involves studying various ecosystems and how human activity can influence it. Salaries in the U.K start from £28,000 per annum and can develop up to £45,000- £60,000.

Ecologist- involves studying the relationship between plants, animals and the environment with different specialities within it. Both lab and field work salaries start around £22,00 and can develop up to £45,000.

Hydrologist- involves monitoring management and protection of water and water resources. Starting salaries in the U.K can start between £18,000-£25,000 and develop up to £45,000-£50,000 per year.

Environmental manager– Oversees environmental health projects to ensure companies run efficiently and within environmental laws. Salaries in the U.K start around £22,000-£25,000 and can develop to £47,000-£79,000 depending on the workplace.

Amenity horticulturist -involves designing and creating efficient public outdoor spaces. Salaries in the U.K start from £25,000 and can develop up to £40,000

These careers and many more of all different kinds can be achievable if you go down the environmental science path in your future!

We spoke to some of our current environmental science A Level students to get a perspective of what it’s like to study the subject at the Middlesbrough College Sixth Form Centre.

Charley Groves said: “I have always enjoyed geography as a subject, and I’m interested in topics such as climate change, so studying environmental science was the perfect choice for me as it means I can learn about these topics in more depth. I plan to carry on studying environmental science at University level to eventually have a career in conservation. The teachers are really supportive and experiences such as the school trips are a fun way to help with my studies.”

Classmate Gaelle Baucherel said: “When I came to the open day at MC6, I had no idea that the environmental science A Level was an option for me to take. I didn’t know any other College that offered the course locally, and after seeing what the subject involved, I knew straight away that MC6 was where I wanted to go. I enjoy environmental science because it allows me to learn more of what I’m interested in within science, such as plants and ecosystems. I plan to go to a University in Newcastle or Scotland to study Marine Biology and I feel like studying environmental science now is giving me an insight to what that will be like. It’s an intriguing subject and I’ve learnt so much on the course. My tutor also makes the lessons really engaging with quizzes and games.”

Andy Duggan, who is the environmental science A Level teacher here at MC6 also said: “A Level environmental science is an exciting course as it is incredibly modern. It looks at a wide range of different topics, from the conservation of endangered species to how we can ensure we are using sustainable energy resources. It links with other subjects such as biology, chemistry, geography, and geology. it’s an excellent course for anyone looking for a career in the sciences, including medicine, as the skills and attributes that are taught are essential in these careers.”

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