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Welcome to Middlesbrough College!

Information for Parents of New Students Started in September 2023

Welcome to our Parent and Guardian Information site where you will find lots of information to assist you with your son or daughter’s time in College. This page will also support you if your son or daughter has applied to study with us.  Here you will find key information on attendance and how to report an absence if your child has to be off college, how work experience works, our term dates, how we will inform your of your son or daughter’s performance and much more.

We know this can be a big transition from school to College but we are here to support you and your child every step of the way and we have many teams in the college who can assist and help you both.  Our Student Services team is often the first port of call and they can advise and direct you to other services in the college. You can contact them on 01642 333333 or email them at

Information for Parents of Students Applying to Study in September 2024

As a parent or guardian, you know that this is a crucial time for your child when making decisions for their future career paths and deciding where and what to study. 

Education after 16 doesn’t just mean staying at school or sixth form full-time; your child can stay at school, go to college, or take up an apprenticeship. What and where your child chooses to study upon leaving school is one of the biggest choices they will have to make, and we know that you will play an important role in this decision.

At Middlesbrough College and TTE, we do everything we can to provide a fantastic experience for young people in order to increase their confidence and ensure they are ready to progress on to University or into employment.  

We have put together information to give parents and guardians everything they need to support their child’s time at Middlesbrough College or TTE and understand how the College works.  

“The College ethos is one of raising aspirations successfully in a caring, supportive and challenging environment” – Ofsted Report, 2018.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is an interactive online system for parents and guardians to review their child’s progressing during their time at College. Click the button below to log in to your account.

Is your child in Year 8 or 9? Find out more about their options here

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