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Taking them to University

Higher Education (HE) refers to any qualification studied at Level 4 or above, i.e. qualifications taken after A Levels or Level 3 vocational courses. Higher Education brings benefits to your child that will last throughout their life. This includes:

  • Access to a wider range of jobs and the opportunity to earn a higher wage
  • Gaining transferable skills which can be applied to the world of work and adult life
  • Opportunity to try new activities and meet new people
  • Opportunity to gain real work experience whilst studying
  • Increased confidence through presenting work and working in team

Applying to Higher Education

The first step to applying is to decide what and where they would like to study. Key things to consider are:

  1. What subjects they are good at and are interested in
  2. What courses would help them with any career plans they have
  3. How they best like to learn
  4. What difference institutions can offer them in terms of facilities, price and support
  5. Where they would like to study

Applications for HE are usually made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Your son or daughter will need to register and create an account on UCAS.

The deadline for most applicants is typically the January of the intended start year. 

Universities and Colleges will send their responses to applicants through a service called UCAS Track. These will either be Conditional, Unconditional or Decline. Once your child has received replies from all of the institutions they have applied to they will need to choose a first (firm) and second (insurance) choice and decline other offers.

On results day, UCAS Track will notify your child to let them know whether their firm or insurance choice has accepted them onto their chosen course.

Help and Support

Students will receive a range of talks and a helpful booklet in College which will help guide them as to how to apply to UCAS and they will receive 1:1 support from our expert careers team.

Helpful websites:

We can take them higher

We are proud to offer University Centre Middlesbrough, our dedicated centre offering job-focused Higher Education qualifications. Our partnership with the Open University – the UK’s largest University underpinned by world-leading research – means we are able to deliver affordable, job-focused degrees for those who want to study locally.

Our Higher Education courses are a fantastic alternative to a traditional University that will help your child to get job ready!

Why choose University Centre Middlesbrough?

  • Students will be taught on-site at our Middlehaven Campus in our dedicated University Centre by experienced professionals.
  • We work with over 2000 employers and can therefore offer a wider range of work placement and internship opportunities, improving employability prospects.
  • We offer small class sizes, more teaching hours and regular 1:1 feedback on work and progress.
  • Our courses are industry focussed and have been designed with employers, so students will get the skills that employers are looking for now.
  • We embed additional qualifications and packages of learning in our programmes to assist employability, getting your child ready for the world of work.
  • We offer all of our Level 3 students a guaranteed place on our University courses providing they meet the entry criteria!
  • Students will enjoy independent social spaces for Higher Education students.
  • Stay local and save money!

Find out more about our University Centre Middlesbrough

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