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Standards of Behaviour

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We set very high standards for every student. As a result of this, we have set very clear standards of behaviour which we expect everyone to adhere to whilst attending Middlesbrough College or TTE. At the beginning of the student’s studies they will be informed about our standards of behaviour. 

We ask that students do not:

  • Leave any litter
  • Arrive late
  • Eat food in class
  • Disrupt lessons
  • Use phones for personal use in class
  • Disrespect students and staff
  • Smoke on College property
  • Use aggressive behaviour
  • Fight
  • Steal
  • Use drugs or alcohol
  • Vandalise College property

We expect students to:

  • Concentrate on their studies
  • Be punctual
  • Act responsibly
  • Work hard
  • Have an excellent attitude
  • Work as part of a team
  • Be positive
  • Be polite
  • Show respect to all
  • Bring the right kit
  • Not go on holiday during term time
  • Attend lessons
  • Follow classroom guidelines including laptops


Whilst the majority of our students have excellent behaviour and attendance, parents and students should be aware that the College and TTE has a four-stage disciplinary procedure in place:

1. A verbal warning is carried out by your child’s personal tutor when previous informal action has not had the desired effect on the student’s behaviour.

2. If the issue has not been resolved, or a second act of misconduct is committed, a written disciplinary warning will be issued to the student. Parents and guardians will be contacted by phone and letter to come to a meeting with relevant staff and your child to discuss a plan of action.

3. If no improvement is seen, or a third act of misconduct occurs, parents and guardians will again be invited to the College/TTE to try and resolve the situation and a final written warning will be issued to the student.

4. If your child fails to meet the agreed conditions from stage 3, or in the case of gross misconduct, they may be suspended on a short-term fixed period exclusion, pending a thorough investigation. In a minority of cases, there is a chance that your child could be permanently excluded following the stage 4 disciplinary hearing.

In exceptional cases, students can go straight to stage 3 or 4. In addition, the security team can issue warning cards for poor behaviour in public areas. These yellow, red or blue cards will feed into the disciplinary process.

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