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5 careers you can pursue with a business qualification

February 28, 2023
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A career in business can offer a range of different roles across a variety of different sectors. A foundation of business knowledge can be beneficial to all industries and will leave you in good stead for career progression. What you learn on a business course at Middlesbrough College can underpin lots of other skills that you may require depending on which career path you choose.

So, if you’re considering a business course at Middlesbrough College take a look at our blog about 5 careers you could go into with a business qualification.

Marketing Executive

A marketing executive helps to develop campaigns to promote products, services, or ideas through a variety of channels. The marketing profession is one that crosses both public and private sectors, as well as a variety of industries. As part of this job, you will be required to source advertising opportunities, write and proofread copy, and build relationships with your customers. There are often freelance and self-employment opportunities within marketing, so this could be a great career option for someone who wants flexible working opportunities. Other attributes that are vital within a marketing role include communication, IT competency, and analytical and strategic thinking.

Human Resources Officer

As a HR officer your main aim is to ensure that the organisation or company you work for can meet its objectives by having the right workforce in place. You will cover areas such as employment, equality and diversity, pay, recruitment and retention, and working practices. To excel in this role interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain effective working relationships through all levels of business is very important. Day to day tasks of a HR officer could include writing job descriptions and adverts, advising on pay and benefits, managing redundancy programmes, and advising line managers on implementing policies and procedures.


An entrepreneur is someone who devises, sets up, and runs a new business. All entrepreneurs are self-employed, so this role would suit someone who is very driven and self-motivated, as well as someone who is good at multitasking, time management, and organisation. This is because often entrepreneurs will have to take on multiple positions and roles within a business when it is first starting out. Many entrepreneurs aim to sell on their business or idea for a profit, so they are always looking to create a new product or service. Day to day tasks of an entrepreneur will differ depending on the business idea.

Retail Manager

Retail managers are responsible for the day to day running of a store, in which they aim to maximise profits and minimise costs. Many retail managers will overlook all aspects of the business including staff, accounts, stock, and promotions and events. As a retail manager you will need to have good leadership qualities and be able to effectively communicate with your staff and colleagues. A good foundation of business knowledge and market awareness would also be beneficial to this role as you may need to implement changes to the business to ensure that your store can compete with others in the local market. There are also progression opportunities within the retail industry, such as promotion to regional manager, which would include the management of multiple stores.


As well as working within a business role you can also share all your business wisdom with the next generation and become a teacher. You are able to teach business from GCSE level all the way through to degree level, so there are opportunities to work in a variety of educational institutions. As a business teacher you will be able to inspire, motivate, encourage, and educate learners through lesson plans and schemes of work as well as providing pastoral support. Teachers are mainly based in the classroom but sometimes supervise learning outside of the classroom on trips.

So, if you think a career in business is for you, apply for one of our business courses now and secure your place for September!