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Politics: Why should you get involved?

February 22, 2024

Politics! A topic that you might not often think about as a College student but something that can have a huge impact on your life, now and in the future. Colleges Week 2024 revolves around influencing, engaging, and celebrating politics and how the youth can help make a difference, so in this blog, we’re going to explore how you can do it! 

It’s hard to make a meaningful impact in politics without educating yourself first and figuring out which party your ideas and beliefs match up with. Multiple resources such as traditional news outlets, websites and podcasts regularly update with all the current affairs so you can decide where you stand!

Why is it important to be involved?

It’s your future!

The decisions made by politicians will affect you in the years to come with issues such as climate change, housing, taxes, and more constantly being debated. It’s important for young people to make their opinions heard as it’s a world that you must grow up and live in too. Currently, there is a much lower voting turnout for the younger generations in comparison to the older ones which can lead to policies being agreed upon that don’t match with everyone’s needs and priorities. Participating and getting involved is crucial for your say to matter!

Promote a positive change!

Learning about what is going on in the world of politics before you are even at the age to vote allows you to form your own opinion of what you think needs to change (or stay the same). To have a fair and healthy democracy, everyone needs to join in, especially the younger generation. 

Build your knowledge and skills

Keeping up with the world of politics will naturally build your skills and knowledge in leadership, communication, critical thinking and more! Understanding current affairs in the world whilst developing your skillset along the way will be useful in many aspects of your life, including your career and education! 

How can I help make a change? 

Register to vote: By registering to vote at 16 or 17, you’ll be able to vote in elections as soon as you turn 18! It also provides the government with more information on those who are willing and waiting to vote. The more people that register from the age of 16, the stronger the message will come across that the younger generation wants to make a difference! 

Join your local Youth Council: Local British Youth Councils allow you to become involved in political activities that are going on both in and outside of your area. Learning more about your local MPs and what their ideas and missions are can also help you to have a better judgement of who to vote for. To find more information on British Youth Councils, visit this link to the official website: British Youth Council | Local Youth Council Network (

Start/sign petitions: Petitions are documents of agreed ideas and actions that go against certain regulations and rules. Petitions are often shared across different platforms and require individual signatures to prove you agree with those given terms. For a petition to have a response from the government, it must have 10,000 signatures and for it to be debated it must reach 100,000 signatures. Petitions are a great way to easily voice your opinion and make an input for a change you would like to see happen!

Spread your message: With social media being so influential in this day and age, you can help make a difference even just by sharing posts that you’re passionate about. Doing this helps spread awareness and encourages people to learn more about the world. The more content that is created and shared, the more conversations and opinions will be had which can help us reach a fair democracy!

To learn more about the UK parliament and how you can get involved, you can find some free resources here! Resources Archive – Parliament UK Education