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Our top tips for starting College

August 28, 2023
Four students stand outside student services

We’ve put together this blog so you can get organised and prepared for starting College this September. We know that it can be daunting, and you might be nervous about this, but hopefully our top tips will help put your mind at ease!

Be organised/prepared

Make sure you come prepared with a bag to carry your belongings and some pens and paper to make notes with, plus anything else you think you may need. If you require any additional equipment or uniform, you will be informed of this by your tutors during your first week.

Join a society or sports academy

Joining a society or sports academy is a great way to meet new people and make friends. We have lots of societies and clubs to join no matter your interests, from environmental society to chess club!

Our student union also run lots of fun enrichment activities for you to try, you could even pick up a new hobby. Activities can range from football and basketball to Lego club or driving theory practice.

If you’re interested in a sport, we also a have a range of sport academies that will allow you to develop your sporting talent alongside your studies, with training taking place up to three times a week. You also don’t have to be studying a sport course to join an academy!

You can find out more about the sports academies we currently offer here.

Explore our campus!

Here at Middlesbrough College, we have a big campus and there’s always lots going on, so make sure you take some time to explore parts of the campus outside of your lessons.

You could try out the food at one of our many cafes around campus or grab a coffee from the campus heart.

Get involved and have your say

It is important to use your time at College to build up your employability skills for the future and joining our student executive team is a great option. Not only will you gain confidence and experience in public speaking and dealing with members of staff and fellow students in a professional manner, but you will also get to have your say on life at Middlesbrough College and you’ll be able to put your own ideas forward.

Make the most of all the opportunities Middlesbrough college has to offer

During your time at College, there will be lots of opportunities available to you, and it is important that you make the most of them. Whether it be going on a class trip or entering into a competition, all of these extra-curricular opportunities will help you to develop the knowledge and skills required for your course, as well as providing you with experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life.