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Settling in at Middlesbrough College as a digital marketing apprentice…

June 26, 2023
Nell McPartlin

26 June 2023

We spoke to Nell Mcpartlin about her first week as a Digital marketing apprentice in Middlesbrough College’s marketing team. 19-year-old Nell previously studied A levels at Dyke House Sixth Form but wanted to learn on the job and gain skills for her career through an apprenticeship. Here’s what she had to say about her first week in the role!

Nell said: “After my first week of settling into the office, I can say that starting an apprenticeship was the best option for me. Over the past few days, I’ve gradually got to know my workspace and surroundings. Slowly picking up small, but essential new skills that are helping me to familiarise with the systems and how my apprenticeship is going to fold out.”

“Little tasks like joining in meetings, shadowing work around the College and interviews with students has really helped to give me an insight into the type of work I’ll be building up to. Next week I’ll be supporting the student discovery days. I think this will be an effective way for me to get a better understanding of how the marketing department functions.”

“I chose to seek out an apprenticeship after completing 2 years of College, and an additional 4 months of resits. I had realised that the standard classroom work and studying was not the most effective way for me to learn. After reading into what an apprenticeship entails, a combination of both practical and theoretical work, I decided I wanted to pursue this route as I could really develop my knowledge and skills. As well as being in a professional workplace over the next couple years will help me to gain vital skills that I can carry into any future career. To top it all off, I’ll also be gaining a level 3 qualification in the time I’m here so it’s perfect for me.”

“Digital marketing stood out to me through my interest in business, and specifically the marketing sector. Marketing is a creative career to which suits my skillset. So, when I found that Middlesbrough College were looking for an apprentice, I felt determined to get the role. Through the process of applying, I received a lot of support through the Northern Skills team before the application up till being offered the position after my interview. Members of the team had contacted me when I first began to apply for apprenticeships to discuss what I could do to boost my applications and were always available to answer any of my questions and give support when needed. I found it all very helpful!”

“I had no idea about any of the extra benefits that working at Middlesbrough College would provide with me either, but just after a week I can tell that I’m going to also enjoy the time that I have here. Knowing that I’m well taken care of by the College and that I have supportive and welcoming colleagues who allow me to express my ideas and thoughts, with a perfect balance of teamwork and independence.”

 “I’ve settled in really well already and would tell anyone who is thinking of trying an apprenticeship (especially with Middlesbrough College) to apply!”