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Our Safeguarding Team

April 23, 2021
Safeguarding team outside Middlesbrough College building

At Middlesbrough College we offer a comprehensive safeguarding service. We are committed to the safeguarding and welfare of all of our students and will support our community with any issues that may arise.

If you have any concerns over your own safety and welfare, or the safety and welfare of another student, please don’t be shy! You can discuss any problems with our Safeguarding Team. The service is confidential and free for all students. We support students with Sexual Health, Drug and Alcohol, Homelessness, Young Carers, Mental Health, LGBT, Living in Care/Left Care, Living independently, Financial issues, Bullying & Harassment. Our dedicated Safeguarding Team of trained professionals can offer advice and guidance to you throughout your studies, so if you would like to talk to someone, please come along to the welfare pod which is located on the ground floor behind the reception. Or if you would feel more comfortable to talk to the team via email, please contact:

Meet some of our team- Kirsty Roy, Laura Humphries and Nicola Jones!


“My role at Middlesbrough College involves supporting students with aspects of their lives that may prevent them from achieving their full potential whilst studying. This role is important so that students have someone they can speak to; they are able to share their concerns and receive support and guidance. Students can come to discuss an array of issues and concerns effecting their lives and we are able to make referrals to outside agencies to deliver specialist support. My advice for students is simply to be kind to others, ask for help and to not be afraid to speak to us.

“Before I joined the Safeguarding Team at Middlesbrough College I worked in retail for many years and decided I wanted a change. I started volunteering as a youth worker and this experience enabled me to gain confidence to return to education. Whilst studying at Middlesbrough College I gained employment as a support worker for children and adults with additional needs.

“When I graduated I applied for a job at Middlesbrough College as a Learning Support Assistant, I got the job and started straight away. I was in this role for two years, going into the classrooms and supporting students in all areas of the college. I left this role and gained employment for Stockton Borough Council as a Reunification worker in a children’s residential home. When the Safeguarding and Welfare officer job was advertised, I knew I wanted to apply for it and I was lucky enough to be given the job and started as soon as possible.

“The team are a fantastic group of people who are really supportive- I love working here and helping our students!”


 “My role at the College involves supporting students with different personal issues they are dealing with in their life. Students can feel supported while at College so that they can successfully achieve their qualification and achieve their goals.

“My advice for students is don’t be afraid to approach us. If you are worried about something we will always listen to what you have to say.

“Before I came to Middlesbrough College I worked as Clerical Support Officer for nine years. I started working at the College in 2017 as a support worker and had various roles within the College. I have been part of the Safeguarding Team since January 2021.

“I love my role. Everyday is different and I enjoy meeting and supporting our students.”


“Safeguarding is extremely important, it’s main aim is to protect all from abuse, neglect and significant harm, giving everyone the opportunity to talk over or report any concerns they may have encountered, knowing that they will receive the most appropriate support and relevant referrals.

“We ensure that students are supported throughout their studies or as long as the individual requires or wants support. We also ensure that students are supported and are confident in making their own decisions and giving informed consent.

“My advice to students would be to work hard, enjoy life, don’t live in fear, seek support, accept the support and always be kind. There is always someone who will listen and support you! Remember: You are NOT alone.

“I have worked for TTE for nineteen years and gained valuable experience throughout my employment. I have worked in a Welfare role for over sixteen years, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have had the opportunity over the years to support people from across the globe including Nigeria, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and UK to name a few!

“I am a compassionate and empathetic person which is essential for this role so I can achieve the best out of people and support them. Our team is amazing- having supportive work colleagues is hugely beneficial for this role!”