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Why choose MC6?

March 30, 2021
MC6 building

We caught up with A Level students Molly Gibbin and Abbie O’Neill to find out why school leavers should choose MC6. 

Molly Gibbin studies A Level business, politics and sociology and also holds the role of Lead Rep for year 13 at A-levels!

Abbie O’Neill studies A Level sociology, politics and media studies.

These girls are the elected Year leaders for year 12 and 13, and they are active members of the student council!

Here’s what they had to say:

“There are many reasons why I decided to study at Middlesbrough College! It is an exceptional place to study as there’s an endless amount of opportunities, shown by the extensive variety of courses available. There were a few occasions where I wasn’t 100% certain what A Levels I wanted to study, but the staff at MC6 provided me with support and information on different subjects. 

“There’s a striking sense of community here at MC6 and we have both loved making new friends. Not only are you put in classes with lots of new and amazing people, but your tutor groups also allow you to make friends with people potentially doing completely different subjects to you. There are also plenty of activities and opportunities to make and develop friendships with all kinds of people. 

“The staff at MC6 are absolutely incredible and MC6 is an inclusive and interactive place to study. Teachers are always prepared to give you guidance and other pupils are eager to learn. It is a very encouraging atmosphere where everyone wants you to do your best. MC6 is continuously helping me achieve my goals by making sure I have the resources and information to keep pushing me! 

“We have loved being part of the student council. This is really important as it allows student perspectives to be voiced to management at the College. Being able to voice the opinion of the student population and actually having suggestions respected and often put into play is something I really love about Middlesbrough College. 

“Starting College in a pandemic can be nerve-racking and overwhelming. However, with the support from MC6 you will feel prepared and enthusiastic for a new chapter.  

“In general, Middlesbrough College is an all-round great place to study, where the atmosphere is always positive, the teachers feel more like encouraging friends, and it’s only a 10 minute walk from Greggs!”