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What to expect on A Level Results Day

August 14, 2023
Students celebrating results with principal

It’s getting close to the time you have been working hard for and building up to over the past two years as A Level Results Day is just around the corner. We know that waiting for results can be a nerve-wrecking experience, but please don’t worry.

The best way to prepare for collecting your results is to be prepared and know what to expect to make the entire day more smooth-sailing and positive!

So, here is a breakdown of what to expect on A Level Results Day at Middlesbrough College!

On the day, how it works and what will happen

Results will be available to collect on the 17Th of August from 8:30 AM in the Sports Hall, in the main building of the College. We would encourage you to come down to College on Thursday to collect your results but if you can’t attend, your results will be posted out to your home address.

Please do not worry if you don’t get the results you were hoping for or your first-choice University. Our Careers Team will be in the hall on Results Day so please don’t hesitate to come over and speak to us! We can support you and chat through what your options are and what the best choices are for you and your future.  

Don’t forget that Middlesbrough College is also here to help! We still have places available at our dedicated University Centre with a broad range of courses to choose from at various levels. For more information about our University courses see here: Courses | University Level | Middlesbrough College (

Mentally prepare and plan

Preparing yourself can make Results Day a lot calmer and easier to manage.

We would recommend creating different plans for different outcomes. If something doesn’t go to plan, then having a backup option will take the pressure off. If you allow yourself to prepare for different situations it will help you to stay calm when opening your results. It’ll also help you to make your next steps and understand what type of support you need. 

We would recommend reading this latest update from UCAS with everything you need to know about Results Day and Clearing to help you prepare for the day, find out more here:

Come and speak to the Careers Team if you need support on the day! 

Take care of yourself

Getting caught up in your thoughts in the build-up to Results Day and fixating on the “what-if’s” is an easy thing to do, but just remember you have worked under a lot of pressure and deserve to relax! Take the time to do things that you enjoy, spend time with friends and family, and talk to people you trust about any of your concerns or worries. Allowing yourself to de-stress in preparation will make a substantial difference on the day. Positive practices of de-stressing can include meditation, breathing exercises, physical exercise, journalling, and a healthy sleeping pattern. Incorporating small methods such as these will help you to be more mindful and feel mentally ready for the big day!

It is all easier said than done to avoid stress and stop worrying towards opening your results, but just remember that you have worked hard. Middlesbrough College will be here to support you and answer any queries and questions you may have about your next steps.  

We wish you the best of luck for your results day and can’t wait to see how well you have all done!