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Middlesbrough College students make sound waves with local band

February 27, 2023
Sorority Grrrls performing

Our Sound and Music Technology BSc (Hons) students have been hard at work over the half term!

We have had guests, Newcastle based band Sorority Grrrls and their record label Butterfly Effects Records, in our studios recording two songs for a vinyl release.

On Wednesday, the first-year students engineered the recording session with the supervision of the third years.

Students Shad, Macauley, Michael, and Becky all had a fantastic day and agreed that it had been a fantastic learning experience for them. Shad said, “The band were so friendly and had such great energy, I really liked their sound.”

The band praised our students for their professionalism and said: “Today has been a surreal experience. It is our first time recording in a proper studio as a band so getting to go through the songs and listening to it all back as a band has been a real highlight.”

On Friday second year student Hannah worked on mixing the tracks. She had also been present at the recording session on Wednesday and said, “It was a very busy day, there was lots of communication and information flying around, but it seemed really reflective of the industry, so it was great learning experience. Today I’ve been working on the tracks; balancing volumes and adding compressors to make the sounds clearer.”

BTEC student Ollie also had the chance to contribute to this amazing project. He said, “It has been a fun learning experience for me, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. Learning about the whole riot grrrl movement was really interesting and I’ve enjoyed getting to play around with the track and work on my own mix. I’ve definitely learned lots of new skills throughout this project.”