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A College for everyone

April 13, 2021
Sophie Thomas

We want you to know that Middlesbrough College is a College for everyone, a college that is here for you.

We know that things haven’t been great recently and we understand that things can happen in life that can make you worried, upset or anxious, but at Middlesbrough College we can support you. Our college is a safe and friendly space where you’ll make friends and memories for life!

If you need careers advice or help to take that next step- don’t worry. We can support you and listen to any of your worries or concerns. Our team of careers experts will help you make the right decision about your future career path.

We care about your wellbeing and offer a range of services to help you throughout your studies. This includes a dedicated counselling team and safeguarding and welfare officers. These sessions are available free of charge to all students. We understand that you may be going through a difficult time in your life, which could, as a result, have an impact on your studies, but our trained team are here to listen and help. Students can seek support from the service for a range of issues including relationship problems, anger management, domestic abuse and low self-esteem. We can also offer help with more college related struggles, such as studying, stress and dissatisfaction.

Support is also available for students including help with travel and finance. We offer free travel to all full time students which includes free 7 day bus travel and reimbursed weekday train travel.

We also pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive financial support service. Our financial support team are on hand to offer expert advice and can provide you with assistance including bursaries and free college meals. You can rest assured that you are joining a college that has your needs in mind!

We spoke to our anti-bullying student officer Sophie Thomas. Sophie, a second year Applied Science student came to Middlesbrough College for a fresh start after being bullied at secondary school. Sophie is passionate about anti-bullying and wanted to help others during her time at Middlesbrough College.

Sophie said: “I decided to study at Middlesbrough College as it is a friendly and warm place to be. I knew after I visited the College for an Open Event that it was the right choice for me. There are a range of support services available here which was really important for me.

“I’m the anti-bullying student officer for the Middlesbrough College Student Union. I wanted to help other students who had experiences of being bullied. The College is fantastic at listening to students and during my studies we have created student peer mentor roles. Peer mentors allow students to book on to sessions with them to have a chat and offer advice. I know that this will be really effective as sometimes you want to get advice and have a chat with someone who has been in a similar situation to you.

“Middlesbrough College is against bullying and it has been great to raise awareness of this important issue.

“During my studies I have accessed some of the support services at Middlesbrough College. The counselling service at the College is outstanding and it has allowed me to have the time and space to talk. The sessions are also very accessible, friendly and discreet.

“The staff and students at Middlesbrough College listen to your problems and look after you. It is a lovely community here. If you have things going on in your personal life, you don’t have to feel alone. The tutors at the College are very understanding.

“I’ve also found that tutors are very willing to offer extra sessions and support if you are worried or concerned about your work. Everyone is so helpful and they want to help you achieve.

“I’m delighted to be progressing to Sunderland University in September to study for a degree in Paramedic Science! I can’t thank Middlesbrough College enough for helping to fulfil my career dream of working in Healthcare and I’m excited for what the future has in store.

“My advice to anyone starting college this year is that if you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it. I’m really glad I came here.”