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Keeping calm in the build-up to results day

July 20, 2023
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Results day is around the corner, and it’s only natural that you’ll be feeling anxious. It’s easy to stress with it being your first real exams, and not knowing what to expect can be daunting! But no matter what results you get back, be proud of what you have achieved!

Here at Middlesbrough College, we are a College for everyone and we are confident that we can provide the perfect course for you! We offer a range of courses at all levels for school leavers including A Levels, T Levels, Vocational courses, and Apprenticeships. There are options that suit everyone’s skillset, and support can be provided for all students. With our help, we will ensure that you are one step closer to achieving your career dreams and if you don’t know what those dreams look like yet, our Careers Team and support team can help you take the next step.

If you are genuinely worried about your results, don’t stress! There are different options that match different skillsets, and regardless of how your results turn out you can make your next steps towards your future. It’s not the end of the world!

For the majority of school leavers, GCSEs are the first academic exams that you’ll sit. Instead of looking at them as something to worry about, look at them as a learning experience. Sitting these exams and getting these results back is a constructive way of beginning to understand what subject and learning environment is best for you. These results are a great opportunity to figure out what the best career path is for you, as well as an exciting time to find your passion.   

However, trying to calm down is easier said than done a lot of the time so here are some tips to ease your nerves before results day:


 Setting out a plan of what you are going to do depending on your results can be a helpful way of removing some of that panic that is hovering over you. Creating some different paths for yourself is a just another way of giving reassurance to the fact that it’s all going to work out one way or another, as well as relieving stress on the actual day.

Socialise and keep yourself busy:

It’s easy to get distracted in your thoughts and shut yourself off in the build-up to results day. However, worrying will not change anything so the best thing to do is distract yourself from these thoughts. Socialising with friends and family, spending your time doing what you enjoy is vital. Don’t forget that you worked hard before and during your exams, so you deserve some time to unwind.

 Talk to someone

Speaking about your worries to family and friends can help ease the stress, remember a lot of people are in the same boat as you. It’s something that everyone in the country experiences, so talking about it, especially with people who are already in College or work can give some reassurance to the fact it’s all going to work out.

If you are struggling with your wellbeing during this time, you can get in touch with our safeguarding and counselling team at the College. Find out more here:

There are also external services that you can access online such as CAMHS, Samaritans and ChildLine who can provide further advice and support for exam stress.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Most importantly when it comes to the day do not compare your results with others! Everyone has different ambitions and a bad result to one person may be a good one to another. Either way, it doesn’t matter because the only ones that matter to your life are your own. Till then take each day at a time and remember, it’s not the results what determine your future it is what you do with them.

We hope to see you after at enrolment and good luck!