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  • 4 Careers you can pursue after studying a Level 3 Construction and Built Environment course at Middlesbrough College

    22 Sep, 2023

    Studying Construction and Built Environment at Middlesbrough College can open multiple doors to many different ...

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  • Meet our Chaplains Naomi and Brengle!

    29 Aug, 2023

    Here at Middlesbrough College we are proud to be working closely with Naomi along with ...

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  • 4 college students

    Our top tips for starting College

    28 Aug, 2023

    We know that it can be daunting, and you might be nervous about this, but ...

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  • Students celebrating their exam results

    Now I have my GCSE results, what next?

    25 Aug, 2023

    You've receive your GCSE results ... now what do you do? Here are out steps ...

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  • Supporting your child with their GCSE results

    21 Aug, 2023

    GCSE Results Day is fast approaching, which is an exciting, but also daunting experience. It’s ...

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  • What to expect on A Level Results Day

    14 Aug, 2023

    A breakdown of what to expect on A Level Results Day at Middlesbrough College! It’s ...

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  • A levels blog thumbnail

    What are A Levels and what are the benefits of studying them?

    25 Jul, 2023

    In this blog, we will explain the A Level pathway and why it's so beneficial ...

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  • keeping calm for results

    Keeping calm in the build-up to results day

    20 Jul, 2023

    If you are genuinely worried about your results, don’t stress! There are different options that ...

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  • dance careers

    Careers you can pursue with a Performing Arts Dance qualification

    18 Jul, 2023

    here are four careers you can begin to pursue once gaining a Level 3 performing ...

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  • fashion careers

    Careers you can progress to with a Fashion, Business and Communication qualification

    18 Jul, 2023

    you may not be completely sure about which specific route you want to go down, ...

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