Keeping each other informed

Since 2015 all young people are required to stay in education until 18 and to re-sit English and maths alongside their chosen course if they have not yet achieved grade 4.

Research shows that students who miss 10% or their classes on average achieve a grade less than expected, which could affect their future career or study options.

So we ask for your support in encouraging you child to attend all of their classes and their industry placement, and to report any absence as soon as possible.

We have made some changes to our attendance, bursary and performance report policies this year as follows:

  • Parents (or students 18+) must inform the appropriate department administration office of any absences before the first timetabled class
  • Only a small number of absences will be authorised and evidence must be provided for these
  • We will text you if your child is absent from college and we have not heard from you
  • We will follow up with meetings and letters home where attendance is a cause for concern

We will inform you each half term, how your child is doing at college via a performance report which will include our judgment on your child's:

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Attitude to learning
  • C360 (completion of any independent online study)
  • Industry placement
  • Progress towards their target grades in their main subject and maths and English (where applicable)
  • We will make the bursary payment (if eligible) based on good attendance, behaviour and attitude to learning
  • We will provide rewards and incentives to all students who have excellent attendance, behaviour and attitudes to work as well as those who make big steps to improve
  • We will invite you in so you can discuss your child's progress in person
To enable us to stay in contact with you, we will check your contact details with you regularly and ask that you contact your child's course department with any changes in contact details.

Absence reporting

The College is committed to providing high quality education and training to ensure all of our students achieve their full potential.

We recognise that excellent attendance and punctuality is a key factor to success and the development of employability skills.

In order to achieve this, the College will:

  • Set high expectations for attendance and punctuality
  • Work in partnership with students and parents/carers to ensure excellent attendance and punctuality, embedding a culture of motivation and positive attitudes
  • Monitor and take action to improve attendance and punctuality where necessary
  • Students are expected to attend 100% of timetabled classes
  • Missing just 5% or lessons across the course of the academic year equates to losing 30 hours of learning time. Research also shows that students who have less than 90% attendance achieve, on average, a whole grade lower than expected
  • All student absences and punctuality will be monitored and tracked, even if the absence has been reported to identify those students who require intervention or support
  • We expect all students to arrive on time and be ready to learn at the start of each lesson for every element of their Programme of Study
  • Bursary payments are linked to attendance and to a Student's Performance Report
  • If your child is absent from college on a timetabled day, you must call the Attendance Officer and/or the Department Administration Team to report your child's absence before 10.00am on the day of absence.


Absence calls must be made to the relevant number below:


  • Performing/Production Arts, Games Design, Media, Computing, Art & Design, Fashion   Retail, Music Practice, Music Technology - 01642 333307
  • Hair & Beauty and Catering & Hospitality - 01642 333599
  • Sports, Travel & Public Services - 01642 333772
  • Middlesbrough College Sixth Form (MC6) - 01642 333816
  • Construction - 01642 333497
  • Engineering - 01642 333555
  • Health & Care, Childcare, Business & Education - 01642 333211
  • Progression Studies - 01642 333396 / 333324

We appreciate that Middlesbrough College is a large organisation and finding the right person to speak to for the first time is very important.

A list of other useful contacts can be found below:

Department Telephone Number
 Main College Number  01642 333333
 Student Services  01642 333606
 Admissions   01642 333800
 Schools Team  01642 333800