We get you work ready! 

Middlesbrough College has developed excellent relationships with local, regional and national employers and will work with you to find an employer that can provide quality and relevant work experience during your time as a student at Middlesbrough College.

You can never have too much experience and now more than ever it's important to start getting work-related experience from year one to gain an advantage in the labour market and to support your UCAS application. All students will have access to up to 30 hours of valuable and meaningful work experience. This may be more dependent upon your course.

The benefits of work experience include:
- Gain confidence and self-esteem
- Be prioritised for future job opportunities and apprenticeship vacancies
- Develop an insight into the work of work
- Give your CV that competitive edge
- Boost your UCAS application for university

To ensure you get the most out of your work experience, our dedicated team will help you find the right work placement that supports your course and your career ambitions. You'll be assignment a dedicated Work Placement Co-ordinator who will visit you and provide support throughout the whole process, and you'll be process, and you'll be provided with a travel card to ensure you can get to work each day!