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Teesside’s tech scene is thriving. With over 7,000 jobs available across Teesside and the Tees Valley, the region has become a hotbed for digital innovation.

The future of society is digital and IT is now seen by organisations as a core element of business with the average salary of an experienced computing related job being £52,000. There are a wide range of roles available across the digital industry including Application Development, Web Development, Cyber Security, Data Analysis and Database Design. However, despite the breadth of jobs available there is now an international digital skills crisis and businesses are struggling to recruit these key digital roles.

Middlesbrough College is a STEM specialist College and has an exciting digital offer with its very own industry standard digital school- MC Digital.

Our tutors are all highly qualified, passionate about their subject and offer a vast range of experience and contacts in industry. Students benefit greatly from our tutor’s expertise and knowledge and our overall student satisfaction rates at MC Digital are higher than both the regional and national average!

We provide a range of courses for students who aspire to a rewarding career in the digital industries; such as our courses in Application and Web Development, Networking and System Support, Computer Science, NextGen: Skills Academy Games, Animation and Visual Effects, Games Development, Film and television production and Journalism.
Our state-of-the-art digital facilities ensure that students are kept up to speed with the latest technology. Utilising industry standard tools and techniques we simulate the working environment to prepare our students for the working world. Having developed an excellent working relationship with local digital industries we ensure we are continually updating our practices and facilities so that we can help model digital employees for the future.

Our specialist game development studios are fully equipped with 3D modelling and game development packages, and our video and film production area offers students access to a range of top-end industry equipment and specialist suites for photography, video, editing and VFX.

This also includes our NextGen: Skills Academy course. Middlesbrough College are the 8th college in the country to be acknowledged! NextGen brings industry and educators together to develop the next generation of digital talents in games, animation and visual effects, and is a specialist course designed by the industry, for the industry.

MC Digital students have progressed onto a range of prestigious universities including Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds and Hull. Many have also been offered apprenticeships with local employers or have started their own web development businesses thanks to the skills learnt at Middlesbrough College.

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