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 ‘Learn how to tackle real world problems and get the skills employers want’

Technology advances year on year with the world becoming increasingly more dependent on technology and computers and as such computing students are highly valued and sought after in the workplace. The future of society is digital and IT is now seen by organisations as a core element of business with the average salary of an experienced computing related job being £52,000.

MC Digital is committed to training students with the fundamental technical knowledge so that they can tackle real world problems and get the skills employers want.

MC Digital at Middlesbrough College offers a vibrant and dynamic community of students and tutors.  Our tutors are all highly qualified, passionate about their subject and offer a vast range of experience and contacts in industry. Students benefit greatly from our tutor’s expertise and knowledge and our overall student satisfaction rates at MC Digital are higher than both the regional and national average!

Middlesbrough College is a STEM specialist College and at MC Digital  we are dedicated to providing students with the most up to date knowledge and skills.  We also provide invaluable work experience with our contacts in industry so students can get the real world skills to begin a career in this thriving sector.

Our state of the art facilities ensure that students are kept up to speed with the latest technology used in industry.  This includes cutting edge software packages, including system security, web design, databases, Office suite, Adobe creative suite, software labs, network labs, hardware labs, networking equipment, tablets, microbits, raspberry Pi’s and Microsoft visual studio.

We provide a range of full time courses for students who aspire to carve out a career in the technology industry, such as our courses in Application and Web Development, Networking and System Support and Computer Science. We also provide a range of part time courses for students wanting to gain extra skills, such as our courses in Introduction to Programming.

This also includes our NextGen: Skills Academy course. We are the 8th college in the country to be acknowledged! NextGen brings industry and educators together to develop the next generation of digital talents in games, animation and visual effects, a course designed by the industry for the industry.

Students from the MC Digital at Middlesbrough College have progressed onto a range of IT & Computing courses at prestigious universities including Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds and Hull. Many have also been offered apprenticeships with local employers such as Visual Soft or have started their own businesses doing website development.

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