Attendance Reporting

We recognise that excellent attendance and punctuality is a key factor to success and the development of employability skills. Please encourage your child to attend all classes.

If your child is absent from the College or TTE on a timetabled day, parents and guardians must call the Attendance Officer and/or the Department Administration team to report the absence before the timetabled class begins. Contact details for the different departments can be found below.

All absences not reported will be treated as unauthorised. Please check the authorised absences list to confirm what is an authorised absence.

Sickness, whilst it may be unavoidable, will usually be recorded as unauthorised. We will follow up with meetings and letters home where attendance is a cause for concern and will implement intervention and support where this may be required.

The College and TTE monitors attendance through electronic registers; an automatic text will be sent to parents/guardians or named contacts if a student misses registration during class.

Attendance Reporting

Absence calls must be made to the relevant number below.

Visual Performing Arts (inc. Music, Art, Fashion Retail): 01642 333772

Digital (inc. Computing & Games): 01642 333599

Service Industries & Retail Skills (inc. Hair & Beauty, Catering & Hospitality): 01642 333599

Sports, Travel & Public Services: 01642 333772

Middlesbrough College Sixth Form (MC6)
: 01642 333816

Construction: 01642 333497

Engineering & Motor Vehicle: 01642 333555

Health & Care, Business & Education: 01642 333211

TTE: 01642 462266

Progression Studies, Life Skills and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages): 01642 333909