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Higher National Certificates (HNC’s) and Diplomas (HND’s) are vocationally orientated qualifications specifically designed to provide practical, job related skills.

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HTQs are a new or existing Level 4 and 5 qualifications, such as HNDs, Foundation Degrees and Higher Education Diplomas, that have been approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education as meeting occupational standards for the relevant sector.

The qualifications are a high-quality and prestigious choice for learners and have been designed in collaboration with industry-leading employers and businesses, to give you the specific training, knowledge and skills required for your chosen career.

We offer professional teaching qualifications for individuals who aspire to work in the lifelong learning sector educational settings, such as further education colleges and adult community settings.

A Higher Apprenticeship is a real job and gives you the same great benefits as other apprenticeships, allowing you to earn whilst you learn. You will receive training the workplace, enabling you to progress up to the next level academically, gain invaluable work experience and improve your salary and job prospects. 

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A foundation degree is a stand-alone two-year University level programme that offers an alternative route to a full honours degree. As a stand-alone qualification (Level 5), you will complete two years of study. This qualification is recognised by employers as a higher-level qualification.

To achieve the full honours degree (Level 6) you can progress onto a one-year top-up programme, offered at Middlesbrough College. For some foundation degrees, more than one top-up programme or pathway is available, providing greater flexibility than the standard honours degree route. A foundation degree also gives you the option to leave after year 2 with a qualification recognised by employers.

Honours degrees are three-year programmes and are considered an undergraduate level of education. These include:

  • Bachelor of Arts, BA (Hons): focuses on arts and general education courses
  • Bachelor of Science, BSc (Hons): focuses on medical, technical or scientific areas of study
  • Bachelor of Engineering, BEng (Hons): focuses on engineering

Upon completion of your HND or foundation degree, you can top up your qualification to a full honours degree!

A Master's Degree (MA) are one-year full-time or 18 months part-time programmes that you can study once you have completed an undergraduate degree. A master’s degree is perfect for you if you want to further your knowledge in a particular subject and improve your employability.

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