Pete Donnelly

Head of Business Development at Northern Skills

Pete Donnelly

Meet Pete Donnelly, Head of Business Development at Northern Skills.

Pete has worked for Northern Skills since 2019 but has worked in Sales and Business Development for over 15 years, across multiple industries. Peter oversees both the Business Development and Commercial Teams within Northern Skills.

Pete said: “As Head of Business Development, I manage the apprenticeship recruitment and commercial training teams. This involves making sure employers are supported and engaged by providing the best service we can, whilst also ensuring we are able to offer students and learners quality apprenticeship and employment opportunities. We work with some of the best employers in the region and across the country and continue to grow the pipeline of industry professionals.

“I would 100% recommend working for the Middlesbrough College Group, they are loyal to their employees and will reward loyalty, dedication, and hard work. There are some fantastic progression opportunities available here. In my team alone we currently have four employees who progressed into permanent roles after completing their apprenticeship with us and 3 employees who have progressed into leadership roles.

“I know the importance of feedback and suggestions from colleagues, employers we work with, as well as learners we support. I welcome this feedback to constantly improve the quality of service we offer within Northern Skills, so please get in touch.

“In the future, I look forward to leading and developing my teams at Northern Skills as we continue to meet industry demands and provide a service that is second to none.”