Governing Body Minutes

Here you will find the confirmed Governing Body minutes from the current academic year, plus the previous two academic years.  Only confirmed minutes are published on the website.

To view these documents, you will require a PDF reader.


13th February 2020PDF387.17 KB Download
16th December 2019PDF429.57 KB Download
17th October 2019PDF513.17 KB Download
23rd September 2019PDF427.52 KB Download



15th July 2019PDF437.06 KB Download
17th May 2019PDF326.80 KB Download
21st March 2019PDF341.52 KB Download
7th February 2019PDF728.99 KB Download
18th December 2018PDF726.46 KB Download
18th October 2018PDF156.65 KB Download
27th September 2018PDF309.10 KB Download



9th July 2018PDF273.82 KB Download
19th May 2018PDF214.25 KB Download
26th March 2018PDF243.96 KB Download
5th February 2018PDF231.63 KB Download
14th December 2017PDF300.76 KB Download
16th October 2017PDF300.33 KB Download
15th September 2017PDF360.79 KB Download