Here at Middlesbrough College, we recently celebrated the fact a whopping 77% of our BTEC students achieved a distinction profile this year!

In a nutshell

Vocational courses have an emphasis on developing your practical skills and knowledge in a specific sector area which can lead you to a job or university. What you learn can be directly linked to real life problems and situations in the workplace.

Are they for me?

They are perfect if you enjoy practical learning and relate directly to a specific job role. So if you know exactly who you want to be and the career you want, why not become a specialist sooner rather than later. We offer vocational courses in every sector area from hairdressing to engineering. You'll learn in state of the art facilities such as our simulated aircraft cabin and commercial training restaurant, being taught by tutors with industry experience of the jobs in which they teach. With our combined vocational and A Level offer, you can also study a BTEC alongside certain A Levels at Middlesbrough College. 

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Study an A Level subject alongside your BTEC vocational course

Middlesbrough College has designed a range of exciting bespoke course packages which offer you the opportunity to study an A Level alongside a BTEC vocational qualification.

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