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Amelia Dixon

August 24, 2022
Amelia Dixon

We caught up with alumni student Amelia Dixon who studied Applied Science at Middlesbrough College back in 2016. Amelia progressed to Newcastle University to study for a degree in Animal Science and is now thriving in her career as a Graduate Animal Nutritionist at Thompsons of York! 

Amelia said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my course at Middlesbrough College, it was challenging yet exciting. The teaching was great, and the support I received was fantastic.   

“If you enjoy science but are unsure of what area you would like to pursue a career in, then I would definitely recommend studying the Applied Science course at Middlesbrough College. The course covers a variety of topics that demonstrate how and where science is used within various industries and the importance of correct scientific practices.  

“I enjoyed all aspects of my course! There was an emphasis on forensics, and I gained a lot of knowledge around this area of science and how it is utilised practically within the industry. There are also fantastic opportunities to learn practical skills via laboratory-based classes that I really enjoyed, and the practical exercises really helped enforce my learning. 

“The course is also assignment based which was great for me as I enjoyed science but was uncertain of exams, so a more essay-based course massively helped me prepare and gain both the knowledge and practical experience I required for University.  

One of the reasons I chose to study at Middlesbrough College was due to the independence I felt the College offered in terms of it being a clear step up from school, whilst still offering the support you need as a student. The facilities are also fantastic! I loved attending the gym whilst at College and socialising with my friends at MC6. The environment was the perfect place to relax and study.  

“I spent a lot of my time at the College split between MC6 (The College’s independent Sixth Form) and the main College building, both of which were welcoming environments for a new student. The College was always vibrant, busy, and full of friendly faces!  

“My current job role is a Graduate Animal Nutritionist at Thompsons of York. My role focuses on pig nutrition, and I work as part of a technical team at a feed mill producing animal feed for a wide variety of animals. My day-to-day tasks include ration formulation and developing current diets, offering nutritional support to customers and quality control of products. I spend a lot of my time reviewing and improving formulations and problem solving within the mill, ensuring our customers obtain the best feed possible for their animals for efficient production and welfare. 

“I’m excited to progress in my career and become a fully qualified pig nutritionist. I am very much enjoying my time with Thompsons in my current position and hope to grow as a nutritionist here and begin to delve into other aspects of the company. I have also begun to investigate further education with a view to begin a master’s degree in animal nutrition.”

Course: Level 3 Applied Science

Previous School: Outwood Academy Bydales