• LevelLevel 3
  • Age group16-18
  • Duration2 years
  • Awarding bodyAQA


This course will teach you how and why law is made and look at how the English legal system operates. You will take an in depth look at the legal system, how law is made and how judges develop and give meaning to the law as well as the court system. You will also study the work of barristers and solicitors as well as the role that lay people such as magistrates and juries have in the law.

You will also look at criminal offences such as murder, manslaughter and robbery as well as defences including insanity, intoxication and self-defence. You will also explore tort and contract law as well as concepts such as morality and justice. 

Course Information

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For more information call Course Information on
01642 333333 or email courseinfo@mbro.ac.uk.

The course starts with an introduction to the English legal system which involves looking at the court system, how law is made and how judges develop and give meaning to the law. You will also study the work of barristers and solicitors as well as the role lay people have in the law as magistrates and members of juries.

You will study criminal law which will involve looking at the fatal offences of murder and manslaughter and the non-fatal offences of assault, battery, ABH, GBH and GBH with intent. You will also look at property offences such as theft, robbery and burglary as well as defences including insanity, intoxication and self-defence.

A ‘tort’ is a civil wrong and in studying tort law you will look at how people may be held liable in negligence for causing injury to other people and damage to property, and the defences they may have to such claims. You will also study contract law and consider what makes a binding contract and what can be done if a contract is broken.

Finally, you will explore the nature of law and its relationship with concepts such as morality and justice.

September - June

Entry requirements

You should have achieved at least five 9-5 grades at GCSE (not equivalents), including English language and maths. An average GCSE point score of 5.5 recommended (only GCSE grades for this score, not equivalents).

Assessment is by examination at the end of the course.

There is no coursework.

University opportunities
Past students have progressed to study for degrees in Law, History, English, Business and a wide range of other subjects.

Career opportunities
These include the legal profession and other work in the legal sector, the police force, business, journalism, the civil service and the public sector, the probation service and youth work.

Tuition fees are free if you are a UK or home- fee status student and aged 16-18 on the 31st August before the start of your course.

If you are aged 19 or over, you may be required to pay fees depending on your residency status, educational background and personal circumstances. 

Many people qualify for free tuition fees, for more information please contact Course Information on 01642 333333. Additional financial support may also be available for full-time students.

Please click the apply now button at the top of this page which will take you to an application form. If you have any queries with regards to your application or you would like further information and support, please contact our Admissions Team on (01642) 333601. Or if you have any enquiries about courses, please contact Course Information on (01642) 333333 or e-mail CourseInformation@mbro.ac.uk

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