Middlesbrough College gives the gift of music

29 January 2020

Middlesbrough College has donated a range of music technology equipment as part of a scheme with Ableton, a music production software provider, to The King's Academy in Middlesbrough. The scheme is part of an education initiative, breaking down the barriers of expensive equipment, so students can engage with music and learn more about the sector.

Tamsin Watson, a final year BSc (Hons) Sound and Music Technology student has praised Middlesbrough College for giving her the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience, as she is teaching the students at The King's Academy how to use the equipment.  

Tamsin said “It’s amazing that I have been given this opportunity to teach young people how to use the equipment. Music is something I am very passionate about so to share my passion with the students is incredible.

“I want to go into teaching after I have completed my degree and this has been a great opportunity for me and something that I can use in applications for my PGCE course.

“During my degree at Middlesbrough College we have had lots of opportunities to work with other organisations which has been fantastic as it has allowed me to gain experience in real working environments and expand my CV. The College is partnered with Jacobs Massey who are an audio-visual recruitment agency. Through this I have had work experience with Bloomberg in London which was amazing.

“My skillset has literally sky rocketed through the roof since starting this course. I would definitely recommend studying the BSc Sound and Music Technology degree programme at Middlesbrough College.”

Mr Andrew Power, a Music tutor at The King's Academy said “Middlesbrough College has given the students of The King's Academy an unbelievable opportunity to use innovative Music Technology equipment which has been kindly donated to the music department. The equipment will give the students unlimited possibilities and act as a platform for their creativity.

“It is great to have Tamsin here to teach our students how to use this fantastic equipment. The students have been so excited and are eager to learn more about the equipment and the industry.” 

Another school is lined up to receive equipment from Middlesbrough College’s Music department as part of the scheme.

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