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03 April 2019

Megan Wheatley and Joe Lester studied A Level Psychology at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form back in 2013. Now 4 years after finishing their A Level studies the pair returned to College to give advice and information to Psychology students by sharing their experience of studying for master’s degrees in Forensic Psychology. Megan and Joe also both volunteer for NEPACS- a North East charity which supports people affected by imprisonment. The charity aims to support a positive future for prisoners and their families by providing practical and emotional support.

Megan said “It all started at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form. I took A Level Psychology as I was interested in the subject and from then on I have been hooked on it. The tutors on my course at College were amazing and supported me throughout my studies.

“I knew that I wanted to study for a degree in Psychology once I had completed my A Levels and after finishing my degree I decided to specialise and pursue a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology.

“I felt prepared to study at university as my A Level studies gave me a solid grounding in the skills and knowledge I needed to succeed.  My master’s degree is very challenging but I am really enjoying it and I can’t wait to kick start my career in Forensic Psychology this September once I have completed my master’s course.

“Volunteering with NEPACS has also been a brilliant insight into Psychology in practice. It’s a great charity to work with and I am hopeful that I can continue working with them once I have finished my programme.

“It has been fantastic to come back to MC6 and to meet students studying for their A Levels. I hope we have inspired them to study a subject they are really interested in and passionate about and answer all the questions about university life!”

Joe said “I have absolutely loved studying for my degree and master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and I owe this to Middlesbrough College Sixth Form!

“The cliché of the inspirational teacher is exactly what happened to me as my tutors at College really inspired me to pursue the subject and helped me to figure out what I wanted to do.

“I am over the moon to have acquired all the skills to become a Forensic Psychologist through my education, and I would love to train to become a Psychology teacher so that I can inspire the next generation of Psychology students.

“It has been lovely to come back and talk to the students studying for their A Level in Psychology. I hope we have given them a taste of what it is like to study the subject at degree level and helped them prepare for their future.”

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