Work placement success for Yosif

26 February 2019

At Middlesbrough College we want our students to have the best possible CV so that’s why our students have access to valuable and meaningful work experience an employer! Work placements are perfect opportunities to prepare students for the world of work and improve their employability once they leave College. It allows students to get a head start in knowing what type of job they might want to go in to once they complete their course and further the learning from their BTEC or A Level programme.

The Marketing team at Middlesbrough College were delighted to have Yosif Al Mohamad, a Level 2 Business student, for a week long work placement. Yosif was introduced to a range of marketing work including photography, video, social media, graphic design, market research, website development and advertising.

Yosif said “My work placement has allowed me to get an overview of marketing and see what areas I am interested in pursuing further.

“During my placement I was introduced to photography and used a commercial quality camera. This was the first time I had used one and I quickly got the hang of it. I was allowed to go out on my own and take photographs of the College, and I was happy that the pictures that I took turned out to be quality ones, not bad for a first timer! I was then was introduced to Adobe Photoshop and was shown how to edit the photographs so that they are the perfect quality for the College website.

“I’ve been introduced to the field of advertising including how to create a Facebook ad, Google Adwords and Google Analytics. It was a lot of information to take in but I enjoyed finding out how the entire process of advertising works. I was also shown some marketing campaign plans and learnt about how to put a plan together.

“I was introduced to graphic design, mainly focusing on creating business cards, banners and restaurant menus for the College’s training restaurant The Waterside Brasserie.

“I would definitely recommend doing a work placement. The placement has allowed me to understand how marketing works and given me a good general overview of how the Marketing team at College runs. It has been great and it is good to have work experience opportunities as part of my course!”

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