Girls do Science!

11 February 2019

Science and gender equality are of necessary importance to society and development and that’s why here at Middlesbrough College we believe that more women and girls should be encouraged to pursue challenging and rewarding careers in science!

To celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in science, A Level science and applied science students and staff from Middlesbrough College came together to discuss why it is important for women and girls to be involved in science subjects and careers.

Lucy Wood, an A Level science tutor said “It is important to have gender equality in science and to have good female representation. The question really is why shouldn't women and girls do science? We are clever- we have good brains!”

One student said “It’s important that we follow careers that we want to do. Many years ago we wouldn’t have been able to go into this sector”

Another student added “It’s important that women and girls are involved in science because science is important in our lives, but more importantly so are women!”

Many of our A Level science and applied science female students are passionate about fulfilling ambitious career goals such as following careers in Psychology, Forensics, Bio-medical Science and Pharmacy with many applying to study these subjects at universities across the country.

At Middlesbrough College we offer a wide range of science subjects, from traditional A Level science subjects in Biology, Chemistry and Physics to Health and Care, Applied Science, Applied Human Biology, Engineering, First Aid and Sport and Exercise Science.  

As a STEM specialist College, we aim for the Tees Valley to remain at the forefront of STEM specialist skills, so no matter what your ambitions are or what gender you are, we can help you to find out more about the wide range of amazing career opportunities on offer.

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