Teessiders: did you know you can do an apprenticeship in these four careers?

04 February 2019

The year is just off to a start and students might be thinking about what to do next while others might be looking for a career change.

Did you know you can get into these careers through an apprenticeship on Teesside?

Northern Skills Group – the apprenticeship training arm of Middlesbrough College – works with employers to provide apprenticeships in these areas:

Robotics Engineer

Like the idea of building or operating robots for a living? Middlesbrough-based Labman Automation works with Northern Skills Group to offer apprenticeships to enthusiastic inventors. And employees get to enjoy their own climbing wall, go-karts and squash courts.

Apprenticeships in mechanical engineering and electronic/electrical engineering offer learners a first step on the career ladder.


If you’ve always wanted to cut your teeth in a respected profession, how about dentistry? Michelle Jackson originally trained as a dental nurse apprentice before going on to run a practice of her own. She’s even helped to pioneer a pain-free dentistry method using innovative laser technology.

On a dentistry apprenticeship you can expect to learn about diseases of the mouth, routine procedures, preparing and maintaining equipment for the practice and first aid essentials.


Fancy a career in the classroom? An apprenticeship could be your route into teaching. In fact, it’s becoming an increasingly popular way for budding teachers to get a foot in the door.

Apprentices on Northern Skills Group’s Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools programme can expect to learn about communicating effectively with children, understanding childhood development and how schools work, among other knowledge.


Thought you need to have a degree to become an accountant? Think again. Northern Skills Group works with employers to offer apprenticeships certified by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT).

Apprentices can expect to learn skills such as book keeping, cost control and the use of accounting software.  

To find out more about apprenticeships available on Teesside, come along to Northern Skills Group’s ‘Get That Apprenticeship’ event on Wednesday, February 6 from 3pm-7:30pm at Middlesbrough College.

You can talk to a range of employers about opportunities. 

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