Life at University

29 June 2018

Since completing their A Levels and leaving Middlesbrough College Sixth Form last year, Bradley Dunn, Brandon Bywater, Zack Frend and Jake Sharp have settled into University life and came back to College to catch up with their tutors and share some words of wisdom for aspiring University students!

Bradley studied A Level Law, Psychology and English at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form and is now enjoying studying his Psychology degree at Northumbria University. Bradley said: “I was very prepared to do my degree after studying for my A Level’s. My tutors at College were all so helpful and I am really glad that I have stayed in touch with them!

“The College prepared us well by putting on trips to lots of Universities so that we had a range of options after finishing our A Levels.  My Psychology tutors also gave me great advice about University and which degree to choose.

“Middlesbrough College Sixth Form is such a good learning environment and really allowed me to achieve my fullest potential.”

Brandon is currently studying Computer Science at Newcastle University after achieving A Levels in Computer Science, Business and Accounting. Brandon said: “My course at University is very practical and I am really enjoying it. My A Level in Computer Science set me up well for my degree- I feel I have had a head start over other students on my course!”

Brandon is hoping to become a teacher after completing his degree. “I want to become a teacher and hopefully inspire students like I was by my tutors here at Middlesbrough College!”

Zack Frend studied A Levels in Biology, Psychology and Computing and is now studying a Psychology degree, Zack said: “I would 100% recommend Middlesbrough College Sixth Form to anyone wanting to study A Levels. The tutors are fantastic and so supportive. I felt very prepared for University and they gave me such great advice.

“My top tip for current students who are doing their A Levels is to revise! It makes all the difference and pays off in the end.”

Jake Sharp is enjoying studying for his History degree at Hull University after gaining A Levels in History, Psychology and Sociology. Jake said: “I felt prepared to go to University and study a subject I am passionate about. I would love to specialise in Maritime History and complete a master’s degree after I have finished my current course.

“My teachers at College were fantastic and really inspired me to pursue my dream degree. I would encourage all students to do what they enjoy and listen to their tutors’ advice.”

If you want to find more out about our A Levels and the courses we offer at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form click here. It’s not too late to apply to start in September!

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