Engineer an exciting career in the manufacturing industry!

25 May 2018
If you enjoy design and technology lessons at school, then a career in the manufacturing and production industry could be perfect for you! 

Nearly everything you use in your daily life is man-made, or ‘manufactured’. If you are interested in how things are made, what they are made out of and why they are made a certain way, then our Level 3 Manufacturing Engineering course could be your starting point to an exciting career. 

Manufacturing Engineering is all about designing things and taking them from concept right through to working products. This course covers all of the basic elements of mechanical engineering but with a practical twist. You will study a range of units covering the different methods used to transform a material into a product, how a factory plans the manufacturing and how the items are actually made. The key units are computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacture (CAM) and computer numerical control (CNC). This includes a unit in your second year where you will use a CNC machine to design, program and make a product.

Businesses of all industries and sizes are crying out for manufacturing engineers because they have great skills in organisation, analysis and design. Manufacturers are becoming increasingly sought after to bring in new ideas on how to make products more cost effective and sustainable to compete with companies all over the world. 

Our course offers industrial visits to manufacturing companies in order to develop your employability skills. We have great employer links, working with manufacturing companies including Nifco and Elring Klinger. On completion, many of our students’ progress into apprenticeships or onto university study. The course can lead to a choice of around 800 different engineering courses at university, but if you want to continue your studies at home, our new HNC Manufacturing course could be a great progression route. 
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