New Middlesbrough College courses to wow employers and universities

16 April 2018

New courses at Middlesbrough College offer students a unique opportunity to get a mix of qualifications that will make employers and universities go “wow”.

MC6, Middlesbrough College’s sixth form facility, has launched new courses that blend academic A Level study with vocational style learning. 

Students will study A Levels and a technical qualification such as a BTEC or Cambridge Technical Diploma in the College’s purpose built Sixth Form Centre and this will give them a chance to learn industry-specific skills alongside academic qualifications.

The new courses are:

  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Construction
  • Journalism
  • Performing Arts
  • Health and Social Care
  • Sport
  • Music Practice
  • Criminology 
  • Applied Science
  • Applied Law

    Carolyn Yule, director of programme A Levels at Middlesbrough College, explained: “We already deliver a wide variety of A Level and Level 3 courses and now this combined offer will give students the opportunity to learn career-specific skills and knowledge alongside technical study.

    “We know through our close work with employers across Teesside and the North the types of skills and knowledge that businesses are looking for, and that has been built into these courses.

    “Students will study a mix of two A Level subjects and one Technical Diploma – and the combination allows them to add specialism to their studies while also building traditional academic qualifications.

    “Universities see the value in this mix as it balances analytical, research-based skills building with practical skills.”

    Students choosing these new programmes will benefit from Middlesbrough College’s industry-leading facilities and independent Sixth Form Centre.

    For instance, elements of the Health and Social Care programme will include teaching within the College’s onsite Healthcare ward – a realistic environment that prepares students for life in a real medical institution. 

    And the Music Practice programme will include time spent in the College’s state-of-the-art recording studios.
    Courses will be led by Middlesbrough College’s team of expert tutors – many of them from industry backgrounds, bringing knowledge of the workplace.

    It’s those hardworking staff and their students who have helped Middlesbrough College to outperform all general further education colleges in the area – coming top in Department for Education rankings for A Levels progress and Level 2 technical and Level 3 vocational qualifications. 

    For those interested in finding out more about what the new combined A Level and technical programmes will entail, a series of bridging days will give them the chance to try taster sessions – delivered by tutors and offering insight into course content. 

    Initial bridging days will take place on July 9 and 10. 

    Carolyn added: “Technical programmes feature ongoing assessment or an end-controlled assessment, so this format is a great opportunity for students who want to spread their work across exams and coursework. 

    “A combined programme allows students to keep their options open by broadening their career-orientated skills and securing academic qualifications.” 

    One of those students already benefiting from a mixed portfolio of subjects is Jess Lancaster.

    The 18-year-old from Redcar is currently studying BTEC Law, A Level English Literature and A Level Philosophy and Ethics – and has ambitions to go into teaching.

    Jess, who is on course for a distinction star in her BTEC, and an A and B in her A Level subjects, already has a conditional offer to study at the University of Leeds.

    She said: “Studying a mix of courses has really helped me, and I know it was a factor in securing a university offer.

    “I’ve always been interested in English literature so I knew the academic part of that was for me, but in studying Law I wanted to get more practical experience.

    “The course included a range of practical assignments where we’ve responded to real life questions, and we got chance to visit a court to sit in on a trial. That has helped me build a broader skillset.”
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