STEM Strategy Sees Scores of Students Develop Industry Skills

23 January 2018

Middlesbrough College’s STEM Training Centre is a unique facility providing world-class training to young people. It was developed in consultation with employers to ensure that the equipment and training on offer replicated industry and prepared students for the world of work.

Now entering into its third year, the STEM Centre has supported the training of hundreds of full-time engineering students and apprentices in industries including process operations and manufacturing. Industrial competencies and behaviours are embedded into our courses, allowing students to train in a real work environment and become job-ready when they leave us.

From welders maintaining the process plant, to manufacturers working in the CAD suite, all Level 3 engineering students will access the facility as part of their programme. The Centre will also provide additional training in:

•             Health and Safety

•             Risk Assessments

•             Work Permits

•             Working at Height

•             Working in Confined Spaces

•             Manual Handling

•             First aid at Work

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Step inside and you'll find yourself in a real work environment with high specification equipment that matches that of an industrial setting.

The majority of today's organisations rely on employees with STEM qualifications- from technology skills to run IT systems to math skills to manage accounts. Alongside the STEM Centre, the College has a strong STEM focus on-campus, with specialist facilities and tutors with industry experience.

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