Duo Put The Icing On The Cake With Apprenticeship Success

31 May 2017

Two young apprentices are building their way to careers with a Northumberland firm that makes edible cake decorations.

Demi Singer and Tiffany Skinner, both 19, from Ashington, recently secured full time job contracts with Sugarfayre – the producer of edible cake decorations that operates factories in Ashington.

Both were supported by apprenticeships provider Northern Skills Group as they learned on-the-job, working on Sugarfayre’s busy production line which creates products sold both in the UK and internationally.

Demi and Tiffany excelled in the Level 2 Performing Manufacturing Operations apprenticeship, which takes 14 months to complete. Michael Hill, the Northern Skills Group assessor who supported both through the programme, said:

“Demi and Tiffany both did extremely well in completing the programme, which has now afforded them full time contracts.

“The Level 2 programme is a great insight into how production lines are managed, and the processes used to ensure quality.

“This apprenticeship is a great starting point for a career in production manufacturing.”

For some time the firm has used apprenticeships to train new and existing staff. Helen Borthwick, head of HR said:

“We support all of our staff with training opportunities, and apprenticeships in particular are a fantastic way for people to gain skills while working on the job.

“Northern Skills Group staff have been excellent in ensuring our trainees get maximum value from the apprenticeships – including skills, knowledge 

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