Do You Know Your Target Grades?

27 April 2017

Tying in with the fresh year ahead of us, you should have received your card from your personal tutor, designed to help you keep on track when it comes to your target grades.

But why is it so important to take notice of your target grades?

Not only can doing so help you to achieve the best possible results on your course, but making sure you stay up to date will also ensure you know what you need to do to achieve this goal, thus, helping you to stay on-track each term.The motivation to succeed will also stand you in good stead for progression to the next level, whether that’s university, into employment or an apprenticeship.Not only that, your target grades card will help you to plan and develop your workload whilst improving your confidence.

How can I find out my target grades?

So you’ve got your card at the ready and you want to find out your target grade, great! But where can you find out what they are?

Head over to ProMonitor and look out for ‘aspirational targets’. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to someone in person, your personal tutor will be able to discuss your grades whilst offering you support and advice on how to get there!

Don’t forget, if you have any further questions be sure to leave us a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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