Teesside Techno Boom is Creating Opportunities Closer to Home

02 March 2017

Exciting news for tech lovers! A growing demand in new technology for businesses, coupled with a higher need for cyber security is paving the way for an estimated 1.2 million new digital and creative sector positions across the UK by 2022.

In the Tees Valley alone, this expanding industry makes up 5% of all new job vacancies. This was the largest sector to increase from 2014 with an increase of a whopping 332 extra job vacancies!

This presents students on courses such as computing, hardware and software engineering with amazing opportunities in a range of roles. For instance, data scientists are in high demand as companies are on the hunt for talented individuals capable of unlocking the hidden value from big data to create big business results! Sounds pretty good, right?

With more businesses on the hunt for Javascript specialists than any other skillset in 2014, our courses cover all the latest skills of the sector. Ranging from analytics, to data mining and coding, our courses give you a head start in the job race.

By 2018, it is predicted that nearly 270,000 people in the Tees Valley will work in the digital and creative industries across a range of jobs. But it’s not just all about computer science; Middlesbrough College also offers courses for a range of creative sectors. You can expect everything from creative media production and performing arts to games design and music technology, to name just a few.

We have modelled our facilities on industry standards, boasting music recording suites, games design studios and a 156 seat theatre, meaning you’ll be trained for employment and equipped with the skills to really impress!

If you prefer calling the shots, however, there is also the opportunity to be your own boss by joining an industry characterised by its high proportion of micro-enterprises and self-employment. In some occupations the attractiveness of freelancing makes it difficult for employers to recruit experienced workers on permanent contracts.

Last year, the #Enterprise Research Centre# (https://www.enterpriseresearch.ac.uk/) named Middlesbrough among the most entrepreneurial areas in the country, based on the proportion of businesses that made it to £3m in turnover within six years of launch.

More and more young people are now choosing to start their own businesses in the creative industries locally, with new office space Boho 5 adjacent to the College proving to be a hub of digital activity for the town.

The Digital and Creative sector has grown by 45% since 2002 and shows no signs of slowing down. A rise in the use of social media, big data, digital and multimedia technologies is paving the way for thousands of new jobs, whichever route you choose to go down!

And with Middlesbrough currently showing the highest number of digital and creative sector vacancies in the region, perhaps it’s time to start your future in this exciting industry by #applying# (School Leavers / Application and Enrolment Process) to one of the exciting courses at Middlesbrough College.

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