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Our state-of-the-art clinical suite is now open!

Middlesbrough College is proud to announce the grand opening of its completely transformed Health Ward, now a state-of-the-art “mini-hospital” environment. This expansion creates a holistic learning experience for all students enrolled in health and care courses. 

The new ward features the most advanced educational and healthcare equipment available. This allows for an innovative, interactive, and immersive approach to teaching and learning. By integrating the latest technology, the Healthcare department at Middlesbrough College positions itself at the forefront of healthcare education, providing students with an unparalleled learning experience. 

The Immersive Health and Social Care Education Suite was opened by renowned hospital doctor and award-winning TV presenter, Dr Ranj Singh, in June 2024. 

Dr Ranj opens the Healthward

“The ability to practice in simulated environments like this is invaluable. It allows students to gain hands-on experience, develop teamwork skills and refine their practical abilities in a safe setting. This type of immersive learning translates to better outcomes for patients, with fewer errors and improved communication.

“Facilities like this bridge the gap between theory and practice in a powerful way, and I have no doubt it will significantly contribute to future healthcare professionals.”

Dr Ranj Singh, hospital doctor and award-winning TV presenter.

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What’s included?

Hospital staff entrance and changing room – students will immediately immerse themselves into the hospital environment by preparing for the day in the locker rooms and wearing designated scrubs and uniforms. 

Immersive suite – the impressive suite can transform with various settings, from a patient’s home, on a high street at night or inside an ambulance.  

A&E resus room and 5 bed ward – students can experience working within a ward setting, learning treatments for patients with various ailments. 

Clinical suite – the suite provides a space for students to learn the clinical aspects of healthcare. 

Maternity unit – for aspiring midwives, the maternity unit provides practical experience of a birthing suite and birthing pool area, including a pregnant training manikin and baby. 

Community/self-contained flat – the community space can become various settings, including a nursing home, rehab unit, mother and baby unit, or a home that required a risk assessment.  

Mental health ward – the mock acute and long-term ward has industry standard anti-ligature equipment used by the NHS, with training from experienced tutors. 

Debrief and conference room – students can observe practical sessions with the immersive suite or deliver assessments and feedback within an MDT scenario around the board room.  

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