If you are worried about the cost of Higher Education, it might help to know there are a range of financial support schemes available to help you. Our friendly Student Services Department can offer you advice and guidance on any available loans or bursary options.

Full and part-time students studying a qualification worth at least 30 credits can apply for a tuition loan available through the Student Loans Company. The loan is paid directly to Middlesbrough College and there is no upfront payment. Your loan repayments will only start once you are earning over £25,000 a year and all debt is wiped after 30 years. Repayments are based on what you earn, not the amount you borrow. If you are earning over £25,000 a year, your repayment will be calculated as 9% of any income you have about that figure. A typical example of a loan repayment can be found in the table to the right: 

 Salary     Amount of salary from which 9% will be deducted     Monthly repayment    
 £25,000      £4,000 £30.00
 £30,000      £9,000 £67.50
 £35,000      £14,000 £105.50
 £40,000      £19,000 £142.50
 £45,000      £24,000 £180.00
 £50,000      £29,000 £217.00
 £55,000      £34,000 £255.00
 £60,000      £39,000 £292.00

Full-time students can apply for a Maintenance Loan to help with living costs. The amount you borrow depends on where you live and study, and your household income. 

Employers may be able to pay part of all of your fees up front if you ask them. If your study relates to your job, you get to study a qualification that will improve your work performance and advance your career and your employer benefits from a better qualified, more productive and motivated employee. 

If your company doesn’t have any sponsored programmes, but you still think further study would be beneficial to you both consider making a proposal in support of your request.
The first person to talk to will be your Line Manager but you should also be prepared to make a case to other senior staff or the Personnel Manager, who may make decisions on training expenditure.

75 of the FTSE 100 companies have sponsored staff on OU courses.

This is a loan from the bank where an agreement is made to borrow an amount between £300 and £10,000. This can be used for course fees, expenses such as books, travel and childcare and living expenses such as rent, food and clothing.

All Higher Education students can claim the Disabled Students Allowance via the Student Finance England/Student Loan Company. 

Eligible conditions include:
·       A learning difficult
·      A mental health condition 
·      A physical disability
·      A long-term health condition

Students can use the DSA to pay for specialist equipment, non-medical helpers or travel costs. For more information visit www.gov.uk/student-finance and search for DSA. Applications open from February half-term and can take 14 weeks to process so make sure you apply as early as possible!

There are different ways in which the College can help with childcare costs depending on your personal circumstances. We are able to calculate your eligibility to get help with childcare costs based on your lesson hours and course attendance.

A little something extra from us!

Bursary Scheme 

If you are studying BA (Hons) Digital Video Production or BSc (Hons) Sound and Music Technology you will be eligible for a bursary scheme of £1000 across your first and second year of study. This is not means-tested and is split into yearly instalments across the duration of the course. You will have full control over how your bursary is spent! 
Watch the below video from Student Finance England