Peter Wang

I looked around several other providers in the area, but Middlesbrough College stood out thanks to the staff and the advanced facilities.

Before coming to the College I studied A Levels at my local 6th Form however I realised it wasn't the right route for me. Instead I realised studying in a more practical, hands on environment that had closer links to industry would be a better option.

The course covered a mix of practical and theory which really helped to give me a head start for university. My goal is to become chartered eventually. Applying the underpinning knowledge and theory I have gained from Middlesbrough College has certainly helped with my studies at The University of Leeds, and I expect it will continue to help as I start work in industry.

All tutors encouraged me to progress and ensure I had secured something valuable for when I finished my studies at the College, I think it’s really important for students to have that guidance and support so you clearly know the career path you need to go down.

The College wasn't what I expected, I would definitely recommend coming here - whether or not you’re unsure about your future, there is such a wide range of courses and options for everyone.

The facilities at Middlesbrough College were good and I found the support I received from my lecturers second to none. The Learning Resource Centre in the college is fantastic and there is always someone on hand to offer guidance.

Level 3 Mechanical Engineering