Casey Laver

Alumni student Casey is one step closer to fulfilling her dreams of working as an engineer in the merchant navy!

Casey is a sponsored student at Glasgow College studying a SPD in Marine Engineering. This is a three year training programme aimed at providing the necessary training and qualifications for employment as an Engineering Officer of the Watch.  

Casey said "Middlesbrough College helped me get there as I was given an opportunity to do work experience in a shipping dock where I spoke to a Chief Engineer on board a vessel who told me about the merchant navy, he then spoke with a company and told them to look out for my application!

"Kim York was my tutor at Middlesbrough College and she was very supportive and tried her best to help in every way she could. 

"I also spoke to the Careers team at Middlesbrough College who helped me prepare for my interview, which was very helpful.

"My future ambitions are to successfully pass this course and move into a higher position in the merchant navy."

"Middlesbrough College helped me to get to where I am today." 

 Previous school: Trinity Catholic College