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Thinking about a course or apprenticeship in catering and hospitality, but not sure what your career options are?

January 24, 2023
Catering and hospitality students

The catering and hospitality industry is a vibrant and busy sector to be involved in! The job roles and opportunities are so diverse, you could work front of house, in the kitchen, or in events. The industry is always in need of new talent and has great opportunities for career progression- you could even set up your own business!

In 2019, the hospitality industry generated over £50billion and it is estimated to be one of the fastest growing sectors over the next five years, so if there was ever a time to consider a career in catering a hospitality it’s now.

We have put together this blog to tell you about just 5 of the many careers available in the industry. Have a read and see if any might be the right fit for you.

Events Management

Being an event manager involves overseeing the planning and delivery of an event. Working in events involves lots of variety, so no day is the same. You will need to have good customer service and organisation skills to communicate with clients and plan the events. You should also be able to work well under pressure and be good at problem solving.


To work as a chef, you must be prepared to be hands on. Being a chef is a great job for those with a creative mind as you will be tasked with creating menus, coming up with new dishes, and experimenting with new flavours. Communication is key in the kitchen, and so is the ability to work well with others to ensure a timely service. As you will be dealing with food, it is vital that you’re able to follow food safety and hygiene regulations as the safety of your customers depends on it.

As well as our catering and hospitality courses at Middlesbrough College, we also offer level 2 apprenticeships in production and commis chef roles, through our apprenticeship and training arm, Northern Skills.

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Restaurant Manager

If you fancy being more front of house, then maybe a restaurant manager position is for you. You would be responsible for organising your staff and hiring and training new staff, as well as creating the rotas. You should feel comfortable in a leadership role and have patience in order to motivate and manage your staff.

At Northern Skills, we offer a level 2 apprenticeship for a hospitality team member and a level 3 apprenticeship for a hospitality supervisor.

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As a barista your main responsibility would be making coffee to order and serving customers. This means you should have good customer service skills and the ability to work well under pressure as you face the lunchtime rush. As well as this you would also be responsible for checking stock levels and creating displays to promote new drinks and products.

Catering Manager

A catering manager position might be for you if you excel in organisation, leadership, and communication. Alongside having a good knowledge of food safety practices and production knowledge, you would be responsible for planning and developing menus, recruiting, and training staff, and monitoring the quality of service.

You can find out about the catering and hospitality courses we offer at Middlesbrough College by clicking here.

Or, if you’re thinking about an apprenticeship, take a look at all our current vacancies here.