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Thalia Illingworth

May 12, 2023
Thalia Illingworth

We caught up with Thalia Illingworth, a performing arts and swimming academy student about her experiences at Middlesbrough College.

“I am really enjoying studying my performing arts course at Middlesbrough College. It is giving me the chance to explore my passions in acting whilst being able to express myself. The skills I am learning have helped me understand what it would be like to pursue a career in performing arts, as well as understand the opportunities and requirements for University.

“The teaching and support I have received is exceptional; the teachers have experience and knowledge and create a fun, interesting learning environment that enables everyone to explore their interests and push their boundaries. I feel I’m not only learning a lot about the subject, but also learning a lot about myself and my own ambitions. I have had to overcome the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring new pathways.

“I have really enjoyed doing shows and taking part in performances. I would recommend studying the course to anyone who is interested in performing arts and wants to explore the possibility of pursuing a career in it. It gives you the chance to broaden what you know about acting and give you the chance to really push your skills and try new styles and genres.

“I chose to study at Middlesbrough College as the facilities and courses available were incredible to me. The College has everything we need for our course and more, including a gym and other activities to take part in after classes.

“The swimming academy is a great activity and helps both confident and non-confident swimmers. As a competitive swimmer myself, the academy is a great place to train in a non-stressful, fun, and supportive environment.”

Course: Performing Arts (Acting)

Sports Academy: Swimming