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Julian Nwosu

August 15, 2022
Julian Nwosu

In 2018, Julian Nwosu completed an Access to HE Diploma in Health, paving the way for her to study a degree in nursing. Now, she has become a Staff Nurse at South Tees Hospital and regularly visits the College to share her experiences with current students.  

“I had been out of education for quite a while, but I wanted to have a foundation first before going to University to study nursing. My Access to HE course gave me the basics I needed, and it really helped me in my career. 

“A leaflet for Middlesbrough College came through my door at the right time, and a friend of mine had said how nice the College was, so I enrolled on the evening course. I was able to balance being a mum to my 3 children in the day, and in the evenings my husband would drop me off after work. 

“My tutors, Nicola and Julia, were always really encouraging throughout the course. There was a time I lost a close family member, and they were very supportive and reassured me to keep going.  

“The skills I’ve learnt have been beneficial to me. I was taught how to reference which helped me at University. The teaching was interactive, and we did a lot of presentations. I wasn’t very good at standing in front of people before I started the course, I would always be shaking, but the experience prepared me for my degree.  

“We used to play a hot seating game, like Mastermind, where we would each sit on chair in the centre of the room and be asked questions. We also had to explain what we had written in our assignment in front of everyone. This made me more confident and ready for University as I had to do a lot of presentations for my degree.  

“After completing my course, I went on to complete a degree at Teesside University in nursing and have now qualified. I will be starting a new role as a Staff Nurse at South Tees Hospital in October which I’m really looking forward to. I’m giving myself a few years to gain the experience in my field and then I might focus on my clinical skills, become a nursing practitioner or even a matron. 

“I have enjoyed coming back to the College and talking to the students currently on the course about my experiences. Maybe it’s because I’m a mum, but I like encouraging younger people and saying to them ‘if I can do it with all my responsibilities, you can do it’.  

“I would definitely recommend an Access to HE course for both young and mature students. You can also come and do a course in the evenings, like I did, which is very convenient. I have fond memories of studying with Middlesbrough College; it was a stepping-stone to where I am now in my career. It’s innate for me to look after people and the Access to HE Diploma in Health course put me on the right path.” 

Course: Access to HE Diploma in Health

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