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Jack Farrel

June 21, 2023
Jack Farrel

We caught up with Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science and Golf Sports Academy student Jack Farrel.

He said, “The coaching at the Golf Academy here is great! I’ve always had an interest in golf and loved mini golf growing up. My dad got me into golf around 8 years ago and I’ve played ever since.

“The Sport and Exercise Science course is also really enjoyable, I particularly like our wellbeing sessions on a Friday where we take part in different sporting activities.

“I chose to come to Middlesbrough College because it offered an alternative to academic courses and allowed me to study something I enjoy without having to face the pressure of exams. The free bus travel into College is also a massive plus.

“I also enjoy the freedom you get at College and the extra time you have in between your lessons.

“After finishing College I’m hoping to go to University.”

CourseLevel 3 Sport and Exercise Science

Sports Academy: Golf