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Harry Caygill

June 15, 2023
Harry Caygill

We caught up with Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science and Golf Academy student, Harry Caygill.

He said, “I’m loving studying at Middlesbrough College; it’s brilliant. I’ve always been interested in sport, but through studying the course I have been able to learn about the ins and outs of sport and exercise science. There’s lots of different modules to cover in detail, it’s fascinating.

“The teachers here are so friendly and enthusiastic, and I’ve got great relationships with my tutors.

“I’ve been very passionate about golf for the past 8 years, as soon as I started playing, I fell in love with the sport and knew it something I wanted to do professionally. Part of what drew me to Middlesbrough College was the opportunity to train at the Golf Sports Academy. The coach at the Academy is really friendly and helpful, he always has great advice. I feel like our sessions are always very productive.

”My ultimate goal is to become a Professional Golfer and I have recently signed with an agency that will help me to secure a scholarship where I can continue playing golf in America.

“I chose to come to Middlesbrough College because the Golf Academy is an amazing opportunity to help with my career progression, but also my course at the College allows me to have a backup plan of going into sport psychology. Middlesbrough College is really great for helping you to prepare for your next steps!”

Course: Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science extended Diploma

Sports Academy: Golf

Previous School: Egglescliffe School