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Eve Gowing

November 1, 2021
Eve Gowing

“I absolutely loved studying at Middlesbrough College! I studied the Mix it up programme which is based at MC6- Middlesbrough College’s Independent Sixth Form. MC6 is a fantastic place to study, the tutors supported me and guided me through my studies- it is a very accessible and friendly place to learn. The support I received at College was great and I especially loved my art classes at the sixth form. We were encouraged to share new ideas and inspirations which was amazing.

“The tutors are the backbone of the College and I am so grateful for their guidance and help. There was a time when I was worried about what I would do after I had completed my A levels, but my tutors shared their own education stories and this really helped me to make a decision- I felt very supported. I’ve kept in touch with many of my tutors which is lovely.

“I’m now studying for a degree in Production Design for Stage & Screen at university. Although I’m still unsure what I want to do once I’ve finished my degree, I know the skills I have gained from my time at Middlesbrough College will allow me to go into a variety of roles within the fine art sector. My A Levels have helped me to grow in confidence and develop my skills.

“When I was studying art at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form we covered the basics of fine art such as oil painting techniques, perspective drawings and expression art. I did enjoy the freedom and independence I had with my own work. We were taught to think more professionally about artwork and you are encouraged to think as your own artist, which is important to me. The journalism and film courses showed me the importance of research and properly referencing information. All my subjects encouraged my own thinking too, which is paramount as a learner.

“I chose to study at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form because of the mix it up programme-  there’s nothing else like this offered in the local area and the amount of freedom you get with the course is outstanding. The sheer choice of subjects is incredible and you can study something that you really enjoy.

“I’m looking forward to pursuing a career in the art industry and if like me you have a passion for art, you should consider studying at Middlesbrough College- it really was an amazing experience.”

Course: A Levels Mix it Up (Art & Design, Film Studies and Journalism)

Previous School: Outwood Academy Acklam