• Age group19+
  • Duration1 Day


The course has been designed to teach delegates how to work safely and effectively in confined spaces.  Principles of the permit to work, evaluation of risks, isolation and security, communications, vessel entry procedures, emergency controls, rescue, control and monitoring.


The aim of the course is teach delegates the safe systems of work in confined spaces, appreciate the requirements for safe entry and exit of confined spaces, understand job control and understand how to ensure the plant is isolated and made safe.


At the end of the course you will be able to:

• Identify the relevant acts and regulations which control entry to confined spaces
• Differentiate between the different types of exposure levels
• Identify flammable and toxic atmospheres
• Have a good working knowledge of vessel entry requirements
• Evaluate the different types of safe systems of work

Course Information

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For more information call Course Information on
01642 333333 or email courseinfo@mbro.ac.uk.

You will study:

• Define ‘confined space’
• Describe the legislation effecting work in confined space
• Discuss confine space accidents
• Identify at least 3 specific hazards and risks associated with working in confined spaces
• Describe a safe system of work
• Describe how to test the atmosphere and plan the emergency procedures
• Discuss the provision of special tools and lighting
• Describe the permit to work system
• Explain how to control the atmosphere and carry out emergency rescue
• Describe the selection of suitable protective equipment
• Explain how to raise the alarm and rescue personnel
• Identify the isolation procedures
• Plan the location of notice boards and warning signs
• Discuss recommendations for safe entry

Flexible Various dates

Entry requirements

Candidates must have a basic understanding of Health and Safety.

A combination of theoretical input in the classroom, DVDs and interactive group discussions.

Assessed by a multi-choice exam (1 hour) and a practical paperwork exercise.

£216 Please note this is a full cost course no remission of fees for students.
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