Going for gold!

19 March 2019

Teachers from around Middlesbrough College gathered together to celebrate their digital skills and achievement today. Results obtained from an audit of the of the College’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Canvas, were recently published demonstrating a huge increase in quality across the board. 21% of all Canvas courses reached the exemplary Gold standard, increasing from just 3% last academic year. Silver standard courses have also increased considerably from 22% last year to 56% this year. For their exceptional work, staff were awarded a gold Canvas pin-badge as well as a digital Canvas gold badge, to share their achievement on LinkedIn and other social media sites. 

In 2014, Middlesbrough College were on of the earliest UK adopters of Canvas, being only the fourth UK-based Further Education College to move to the platform. Now, firmly established in the e-learning market, Canvas is the biggest VLE in the US and the fastest growing VLE worldwide. 

“We are using Canvas so well in a number of ways” said Head of Digital Curriculum James Wells. “From video feedback for our learners to personalised tuition paths and as the platform for our cross-college blended learning initiative Curriculum 360, Canvas really has provided our staff with the tools to empower their teaching and our students’ learning” 

The importance of digital technology in education is ever-increasing, as reflected by the new Ofsted framework which encourages the use of technology to deliver compelling and engaging education in an organised and differentiated manner.  It has also been widely suggested that the forth industrial revolution will be digital and the embracing of such skills in education has resulted in significant improvement of student performance. 

“It is highly likely that the career paths of all of our learners will be affected by digital technology in some way during their working life” said James.  “This makes the digital learning experience at Middlesbrough College even more crucial, as it is essential in preparing our learners for Higher Education and their future careers. The efforts our staff have demonstrated with their work on Canvas are integral to ensuring the quality of that digital learning experience”.  

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